5 Tips to Improve your Home Office Productivity

5 Tips to Improve your Home Office Productivity

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Caspar Geerlings
Feb 18, 2021 - 2 min read

Working from home can be quite challenging. With all the distractions in your home office, you might find yourself struggling to get things done. Fortunately, there are some good ways to deal with these problems. With the 5 tips below, you can improve your productivity from home.

1. Create a routine

The biggest pitfall of working from home is that the balance between work and your private life can overlap. A regular routine is easily abandoned. Therefore, be sure to work out regularly and preferably get up at the same time every morning. It can be really tempting to stay in bed for a long time or do the laundry during working hours, but that obviously doesn't contribute to your productivity. While working in pyjamas might feel comfortable, it's often best to dress like you would have when going to the office. By doing this, you will have the feeling of working.

Another thing of working from home is that you might go on for too long. If you work fixed hours, you can stop at a specific time. This way, you can return to work completely refreshed the next day.

2. Create a pleasant home office

When working from home, basically all you need is a laptop and a table. However, you will work more productively if you create a pleasant workplace for yourself. In addition, a desk and a good chair are essential if you want to back problems.

Invest in good workspace furniture. While comfort is the most important aspect, appearance is also crucial. After all, you will have to create a space in which you will spend a lot of hours each day.

3. Take breaks

It's good to keep your breaks at regular times. Without taking breaks, it's impossible to maintain your focus all day. Now that you're a lot more at home, it's definitely a good idea to go outside at least once a day. A little fresh air every from time to time wouldn't hurt anyone.

4. Make a list of things to do every day

A great way to start your day with motivation is to create a to-do list. When making this list, make sure everything you write down is realistic to achieve. Not completing your goals at the end of the day, might even demotivate you instead. You can be ambitious but make sure everything is achievable.

5. Stay connected with colleagues through video calls

When working from home, a lot of people will miss the social aspect of the office. The small talk at the coffee machine, lunching together, having drinks at friday... All of these aspects are missing at home. Make sure you organize video calls that are not work-related. You might even plan your break together with a colleague. It's important that you stay connected with your fellow colleagues.

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